Friday, March 20, 2009

Practice runs

With temperatures in the mid teens last weekend, I just had to get out on the road. So I headed out on my bike for the first ride of the season - only about 26 km but it sure felt great. We need a lot more of that kind of weather. I was also down at the Bike Show checking out the latest gear. Based on the crowds I can only assume that the cycling community is strong and growing. Got a good deal on bike tubes - figure I'll be needing quite a few for The Ride. Two of the kids have reached out on Facebook to 514 friends who will hopefully connect with their own network of friends. Not having experience with Facebook I don't know where it will lead, however I do know that we have instantly raised awareness about mental health with a large group of people. And that's our goal - Awareness Works!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

73 days to go!

There are just 73 days ‘til we hit the road in Vancouver. Our team has been amazing. Just look at this website! Many thanks to Paul Ironstone who has worked countless hours to construct it. The Local Event Organizing Committees are in place and the event plans are underway. Be sure to check the website for details as they unfold.

I am feeling fit and ready. My physical check-up went well this well, and winter training has been, well it’s been winter training. I have been working on building core strength, leg power and have worked on flexibility. Weights, a few spin classes and lots of stretching are the norm for my workouts. I can’t wait to get out on the road with my new bike thanks to the sponsorship of Cam Ubell at Bay Street Document Systems.