Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Ready

Tomorrow is the big day. It's the launch of The Ride for Mental Health. Better make sure we have everything.
Bicycle pump? Check.
Spare tubes? Check.
Gatorade? Check.
Gas in the tank, check the oil? Check and check.
Hey, wait - we have to be sure we keep lookin' good, better get a car wash. Make that a motorhome wash, but where do we find one? Good question. Asked the people at Canadian Tire but they weren't sure. The GPS doesn't distinguish between an automatic car wash or a do it yourselfer. It's not that easy to make a u'ie in a 30footer so we were going around the block and there it was - a bus wash. Lucky for us, Debbie and the folks at Pacific Coast Lines were kind enough to fit us in between the buses.

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