Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lytton to Cache Creek 2.

Friday, May 22
We'll have to come back to B.C. for all the great outdoor activities. One of those will be at Kumsheen Rafting on the Thompson River. Awesome.
The day started out well - riding on brand new pavement- a smooth ride. For everyone except Gio that is. Yesterday he saw the pavement up close - and not on purpose. He got right back on the bike but his elbow was hurting. Not one to complain he bravely led the way again, up and out of the campground and down the long road. Mel and Tom followed. Mark, as he had done the other days, drove their motorhome ahead about 50 km or so and rode his bike back to meet the others. Lindsay and I followed all of them in our motorhome, taking in the breathtaking scenery at every turn. Our routine is to then drive ahead of the riders, find a suitable and safe pullover area and wait. When the bikes arrive, the pit crew goes to work - a Gatorade over here, a peanutbutter and banana sandwich there, a few gels and a couple of boxes of raisins here and there and they're off again.
It was at one of these rest stops, after the bikes had gone that we met Peter (not his real name). He walked over to the RV and said "you've picqued my interest, what is this all about?" After I explained he shared with me that he had his battles with bipolar. He thinks he's winning now but it hasn't been easy and he still has good days and bad. "I'm almost seventy" he said "and I'm still learning how to deal with this." He has learned what works for him. "I work for my mental health." he said. "It helps keep me going."
It seems Peter helps keep others going too as he shares lessons he has learned and offers a helping hand to friends and family he knows that are also dealing with mental illness.
Peter has other interests because when a big harley pulled into the rest stop he was off to talk about a different kind of bike ride.
- Carol

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