Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lookin' Good

We get looks - more than usual. We can see people looking sideways at us. It must be the motorhome - it's a real eyecatcher: all red, white and blue, life sized logo on the sides, sponsors' logos prominent, "Awareness Works to Open Minds and Open Hearts" across the top. Yup, that's The Ride for Mental Health lookin' good. So good in fact we are a conversation starter. Take yesterday for example, there we were, parked in small shopping mall in the lovely Shushwap area,(Mel was taking a break from a training ride), when a car pulled up alongside the RV. Out popped a friendly, energetic person with a big handlebar mustache. Not Lanny MacDonald but close, no, make that Clause. Clause from Copenahgen. He had noticed the RV on his way home and stopped to inquire. We chatted for a while, he told us that he had worked in the mental health field previously. As a resident of the area for the past 32 years he was able to give us some good tips about the highways. We said goodbye, handshakes all round and Mel was off up another hill.

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