Friday, May 22, 2009

Wild Rose to Wild Waters

Thursday, May 21
After saying goodbye to Roy and Bev, owners of the Wild Rose campground, and who generously supported the Ride, we started out on our first real test. The route today took us into the mountains and the distance was 116 K. As Gio aptly put it, “We’re going to bag us a mountain today.” By the time we had climbed up Jackass Mountain, it’s name was no mystery. It can kick you! Tom and Gio and Mark were incredible supporting me every pedal stroke of the way.
Our support team, Carol and Lindsay, seemed to be where we needed them every time – whether it was a flat tire, or the small crash, or when we needed protection through Sailors Gate Tunnel, or just providing more Gatorade, there they were always backing us up.
We are camping tonight at the Kumsheen Rafting Resort, perched along the Thompson River across from the grandiose White Canyon outside of Lytton. It has everything from basic camping to luxury resort facilities and of course their specialty is river rafting excursions. They are just beginning their season and again the owners, the Fandrich family, graciously supported the Ride.
We ride to Cache Creek on Day 4 which will again be a full day of mountains.


  1. Those tunnels must be scary. I always wondered how cyclists could go through them safely. Glad you have some good weather.

  2. Mel, I've been following daily since you dipped your wheel in the Pacific. . . Great to read your posts, having driven thru the rockies myself . . . Praying for you all. . . We'll see you in Toronto in July. . . Ask Ben to check his RU email. . . Scott

  3. Hey guys your 'Looking Good' - the RV is amazing and I love the pics along the way. It appears that you are off to an amazing start - I am so happy with the response that you are getting and so proud of all of you! What an incredible adventure and for such a great cause. On another note - talk about 'buns of steel' - lucky you Carol!
    Luv Lindy & Barkley