Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rogers Pass

Wednesday May 27
The ride up to Rogers Pass was a milestone for Mel and Harry.It represented one of the highest elevations so far - another long, steep ascent. (Jackass Mountain back near Lytton was unforgettable guys). Plus, the scenery was fantastic! The mountains were so close you felt like you could just reach out and grab them. The waterfalls springing out of the rocks reminded us that the snow and ice was not that long gone. In fact, the mountain chutes are still full of ice and the parking lot at Glacier Park Lodge had mounds of plowed snow.


  1. Xerox supports you Mel!

  2. Awesome Blog!!

    It's great to see your progress each day. Stay safe

    A very proud Nephew

  3. Mel,
    What a great cause, and such a wonderful country to ride across! I will support you and your family with my prayers and follow your journey with interest. I am a fellow Canadian and undertand and live with mental illness.
    Wendy Love

  4. Hi Mel, Carol, Lindsey and the Gang

    Hope your all holding up in lovely B.C. We are getting ready for you here in Calgary with a large reception. I'll call you this weekend Carol to set up something special just for Lindsey.

    Were you able to check out our video on Youtube under "Potential Place"?
    Good Luck and Keep Wheelin Cous!

  5. Mel, Carol and Lindsey
    Glad to see you have made it through the rockies. The pictures are great. We hope the Calgary event tomorrow will be a huge success.
    Keep safe.
    Tim and Louise Conroy