Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello and Good Bye in Kamloops

Saturday, May 23
We arrived safely in Kamloops inthe early afternoon. We made record time from Cache Creek in spite of the hills. It’s amazing what a favourable wind can do to help your speed and having the encouragement and support from "the boys", Gio, Tom amd Mark.
As we rode up to the Sandman Inn in Kamloops we were surprised by a greeting committee made up of a couple of Xerox retirees; John Chaplin and Roy Inouye and his wife Betty. There were handshakes all round - two generations of Xerox. We made arrangements to meet Roy and Betty and John and his wife Pat later for dinner.
But first we spent a last few minutes over lunch with Mark and Tom and Gio. This was goodbye. There were some pretty challenging conditions for each one of the riders but they worked as a team - always positive, always pulling together. It was an amazing experience to ride with you. Thanks guys, we're going to miss you.

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