Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kamloops - Rest Day

Sunday, May 24

Last night we had an enjoyable dinner with Roy and Betty Inouye and John and Pat Chaplin at a lovely restaurant overlooking the city of Kamloops. We learned a lot about Kamloops and heard a lot of stories about Xerox.
Sunday was a scheduled rest day and we tried to do just that, plus catch up on some emails and phone calls. Lindsay went for a run and Mel accompanied her on a bike. Some rest! I had to do it all on my own.
Roy and Betty invited us out to lunch and we really enjoyed getting to know them. They have lived here in Kamloops for over 50 years and had lots of stories to share. They are both active in the Japanese Canadian Association, in fact Betty is the Director.
Unfortunately Roy had not been out of his home since December due to an injury suffered in a car accident. It seems like the Ride has inspired Roy to get back on his feet and be with people. We could actually see some colour coming back into his cheeks as the evening passed and he presented Mel with special gift. It was 1000 tiny paper cranes which he had made and placed in a small covered glass. It represents longevity. As well they gave us a kit with step by step examples so we can get started on 1000 paper cranes ourselves.
Tonight it's off to the airport to pick up Harry Erskine who is going to ride with Mel through the rest of the mountains and on to Alberta.


  1. Hi Mel,
    Best wishes as you trek on your bike through the Rockies. I am following your journey online. I always thought you were a special person and this only confirms what I already knew. What a wonderful family experience and journey! We are waiting to give you a big Maritime Welcome when you reach our coast! Cheers Margaret (Carten)

  2. Hi Mel,
    This is truly amazing. I will be checking in often. All the best Dionne (Walker)