Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lytton to Cache Creek 1.

Friday, May 22
We had a very challenging 116 Km ride to Lytton! The body held up well over a very long ride. Unfortunately one of our riders had a fall and injured his arm. Gio Alfano is the most experienced rider among the group and still had a fall, reminding us all that open road riding has risks.
We camped last night at the Kumsheen Rafting Resort outside of Lytton on Thompson River. It was spectacular, offering every imaginable type of camping to complement their rafting excursions.
Today we rode to Cache Creek, only 84 Km's. Did I say only 84 Km's? I think I'm really getting into this!
Tomorrow we go about 90 K and the hills are steep and long on the way to Kamloops. So it will be a tough day. Tonight I spoke with the Exec Director of the CMHA and he has scheduled some media appointments for Monday morning before we head out.
- Mel

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