Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tuesday May 26

By the time breakfast was over this morning the rain had started. And it didn't let up until the afternoon. Nice for farmers, not so nice for bike riders. It was also kind of cold and kind of windy. Again, not so nice.

Harry and I headed out for Revelstoke, 105 km away. In almost no time at all we were soaked with the traditional stripe of mud up our backs. There is a noticable increase in traffic on this section of the Transcanada highway. Increase in traffic and it seems like increase in speed in a lot of cases. You can imagine what that translates to on a rainy day on a bike. Not so nice.

But the other half of the glass said what beautiful country. The clouds hung low on the mountains and the overcast light made the forests a deeper green. It almost seems like a rainforest here compared to the desert like terrain back in Cache Creek and Lytton, Following the Eagle River down through the Eagle Pass we caught sight of that magestic bird gliding on the wind. We marveled at it's ease of transportation.

Carol and Lindsay made a stop at Craigalachie to check out the site of the Ceremonial Last spike that completed the Canadian National Railway in 1885. There's some historical content for you.

There were ups and there were downs on the road today but it seemed like even the downs were up. I guess it makes sense when you know where we are headed tomorrow - up to the summit of the Rogers Pass. It will be a shorter day of riding but I bet there won't be many downs.

The sun came out just as we were arriving in Revelstoke. Harry took us all out to a great dinner tonight.We have been fueling up on supersharged smoothies and pasta. Tomorrow it's breakfast compliments of Denny's.


  1. Between emails from Rob Davies, pictures/ websites from Simon Hung and the blog, it's been easy and exciting to keep up with your ride to date. Great to see you and the cause are getting lots of support along the way. It is all so amazing. See you when you get to Toronto, Doug Brown