Saturday, August 22, 2009


August 23

We have begun the last 500 kms of The Ride for Mental Health. Yesterday we rode to Antigonish, Nova Scotia and we were poised to cross the causeway tomorrow and head to Cape Breton to catch the ferry for Newfoundland in a few days, but, er, not so much anymore. You see we have been joined by Bill, Hurricane Bill - arrived right on schedule mid day today, blowing and storming. So in anticipation, we headed to what we hope is higher and safer ground. Well actually, we just took advantage of this break to relocate to a nearby town with a shop that can do some service for the RV. No panic, Greg, just a routine oil change and such.

Our fear is that the severe weather will disrupt our timeline however, luckily we have some extra days built into the schedule. At this point we have basically four days to cover the 200 kms to Sydney to meet the ferry - something we can do in two. Today is a write off and tomorrow we'll get the service done on the RV, that leaves two riding days plus a bit to get to the ferry by Wednesday evening.

So today is a rest day (of course, look at the weather) and a day to catch up. We are in a campground overlooking the bay and being buffeted by the winds, sounds like nap time to me.

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  1. Hello Mel and Family:
    I have been thinking of you often, since seeing you in TO and now especially, as you close in on your final destination and as Hurricane Bill has come your way. Stay safe and enjoy the celebration of what you've all accomplished together. The excitement must be growing! Sharon B.