Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quebec to Montmagny, then Riviere du Loup

August 2 and 3

Ahhhhh. Peace and quiet. . . but don't get me wrong. Since leaving Toronto a few weeks ago,we have been fortunate to have had riders with us every day - 35 in all. It's been fun and energizing, even chaotic at times. Mel and Lindsay and I have enjoyed and appreciated the company on the road with so much support and encouragement from the other riders. We are on our own now for a few days and it is quiet and actually seems a bit lonely. This little break affords us an opportunity to reflect on The Ride so far. It has been successful in ways we never imagined. Over the past 74 days on the road we have seen acts of goodness from people that leave us in awe - riders, organizers, supporters and even complete strangers.
We are realizing our goal of building awareness about mental health issues everyday. People are reading the blog, visiting the website, stopping us on the road and in parking lots. The media continues to support the Ride and it's not unusual for people to comment about seeing us on the news or hearing us on the radio or reading something in the newspaper. Our fundraising goal is being realized as well, as donations from sponsors and individuals continue to grow.

The countryside in Quebec along the mighty St. Lawrence is special and one that we have never appreciated driving along Highway 40 at 100 K/Hr. Much different at bike speed. The towns and villages, farms and homes, fields and gardens are beautiful. The south shore is surprisingly flat - prairie flat - and fertile. But unlike the prairies, the wind here has been at our back. With the strong tailwind, Mel was able to ride just under 130 kms from Montmagny to Riviere du Loup in under 4 1/2 hours.

We have had a casualty. Mel's favourite yellow water bottle popped off his bike at a speed bump in a campground and was run over. Whoever left a water bottle in the RV last week - thanks. It's Mel's new water bottle now.

We're looking forward to our route through the Maritimes.

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  1. Mel and family...Reading your updates daily and the excitement is growing in our part of the world as you head to our Province. You must be good luck. Our weather has been very wet all summer and as you approach the weather through to August 11th is now filled with sunshine. See you on the 11th! Journey safely!