Sunday, August 23, 2009


August 24

Well, we survived Hurricane Bill. Yesterday before the storm was to hit we moved inland somewhat to the Harbourlight Campground near Pictou. There the hurricane wasn't. It was more like a really bad rainstorm with high winds. Good news Greg - the tape job held up on the RV and there were no leaks. So this morning we were able to get to a dealership and get the oil changed, drive back to the parking lot at Saint FX in Antigonish and resume the ride where we left off.

And what a ride! Weatherwise, it was a bit of everything except sun. Well the sun did make an appearance but not til we pulled into the campground. Route wise it was notable for the hills and the traffic, and for crossing the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton. Funny coincidence - on the road today our riders were flagged down by passengers in a car that pulled over ahead of them. Turns out it was Patti Blake and her family on their way to a vaction. You remember Patti from Saint John? She's the one that headed up that dynomite committee that produced the Play Ball for Mental Health Ball Tournament and the exciting reception at the Saint John Market Square. Also, a little later another car pulled in just ahead of the riders. "What is going on. . . ?" then our intrepid riders recognized a Xerox service vehicle. It was Charles, the service tech for Cape Breton.

But in the end the story of the day was Lindsay. Yup, another personal best and this one was a milestone - one hundred milestones actually. "Some days I can do things and some days I just can't."


  1. Congrats Lindsay -- way to go!!!
    Debbie P.

  2. WOW...What an accomplishment, 100 miles, way to go Lindsay!!

    Michelle Poirer
    Xerox XGS, Saint John, NB