Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off the Island and on to Truro

August 18

So today was one of those good news/bad news days. Bad news was leaving our friends in PEI. Good news was that we were going to Truro, Nova Scotia where we were to meet up with Ben and Caity and Tom. Bad news: had to take a ferry to get there. I don’t mind telling you I was a bit nervous – OK, a lot nervous.

We arrived at the ferry terminal early and were the first vehicle to board. The belly of the beast was quite roomy. Pretty good so far. They had me pull up on one side close to the wall of the boat. Could be a bit of an issue I thought as we made our way to the upper deck.

The crossing was easy so it was just the exiting I had to worry about. When we docked and the great doors opened I took a big breath and inched forward. When I opened my eyes it was all good news Greg,we made it unscathed.

Now on to Truro.

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  1. Hi Mel - Sandy and I are still following your progress across Canada. Sorry we have not posted comments as you went along. However, you should know that you and the folks with you are and will remain in our hearts and prayers

    Sandy and Dick Higginson