Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saint John to Petitcodiac

August 11

Ok , it was a little slow going this morning. We didn't actually get on the road til mid morning, what with one thing and another. However, once we did get on the road it was still slow going. Seems we underestimated the hills in New Brunswick. Especially when not following the Trans Canada. Highway 100 that turned into Highway 121 was downright hilly, and big hills at that. Don't get me wrong - the roads are quiet, very country, and very beautiful.

It was hot, really hot for the riders. There were many hydration stops along the way. So after Mel and Lindsay pulled over for a break I sent them on their way then made a phone call or two. As I was heading down the road to catch up I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a different sort of sign. It seemed to be an icon of an RV with a slash through it. That's silly I thought. Nevertheless, I kept my eyes open for low hanging wires and other threats. You'd be proud of me Greg. The highway made a sharp turn and all of a sudden there in front of me was a railway overpass and a sign indicating a clearance of 3 meters. I pulled to a stop. Now I have no idea how high the RV is but I have eyes and clearly it wasn't going to fit under this bridge.

Uh, oh. Mel and Lindsay are presumably ahead somewhere blissfully unaware of this issue. A pick up truck appeared from nowhere and pulled in front of me. The grizzled driver came over and said just what I was thinking, "Now what?" Well, actually I was thinking some other things too. You can probably imagine.

Gus told me I had to back up and take the long way around. I explained I was following the bikes. "Well where are they? Have they come to the church?" I couldn't answer so we got them on the cell phone. When I say "we" I really mean Gus. He took the phone and gave clear directions to Mel as to where and when he could expect to see me down the road. Then Gus gave me clear directions for the detour. "Now, don't drive too fast," he said. Does he know me?
"because you're going to see some of the nicest country in New Brunswick." He helped me back up and sent me on my way. Sure enough, thanks to Gus, there were Mel and Lindsay waiting for me at the church up the way.
This is something we have found all across the country; the kindness, help and support of people everywhere. Whether a tow out of the mud in a driving rainstorm, organizing a top notch awareness or fundraising campaign, or an individual word of support and understanding we are reminded every day that people care.
Despite the adventures, hills and unaccustomed heat, Lindsay had yet another personal best of 73 kms. It was a good day and Gus was right about the scenery.

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