Thursday, August 6, 2009

Edmuston to Grand Falls

August 6

The time change threw us off today, or last night or whenever it was. When did we cross the time zone anyway? I just couldn't keep it straight - was it really an hour earlier or maybe it's later? So how come I'm hungry? This shouldn't be that difficult but for some reason it was. I got up early but realized it was extra early. Not fair.
Good thing it was only a relatively short ride today from Edmunston to Grand Falls. And after a new PB yesterday Lindsay went a solid 35 today. What a trooper. It was nice to be off the Trans Canada and on to a much quieter road. It was a pretty flat route following the Grand River for a while.We ended up in Grand Falls and they are, the falls I mean, they're grand. Spectacular even. Despite rather negative forcasts the weather has been not bad at all. In fact nice during the days and rain in the evning and overnight. Can't complain about that. Got the BBQ done just in time.

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  1. Welcome to the maritimes!!
    We are looking forward to having you in Halifax.