Friday, August 7, 2009

Grand Falls to Florenceville

August 7

It rained overnight but the morning fog over the campground burned off quickly and the day actually turned out to be one of the nicest so far this summer. Not much to choose from, though. We met Shawn & Pat in the parking lot of their hotel. They liked the hills of Ottawa so much that they drove down last night to join us for a couple of days of riding into Fredericton.
The route from Grand Falls was exactly what we expected - pretty hilly to start, pretty hilly in the middle, then ended with small rollers and some nice flat sections along the St. John River. The riders were having so much fun on the hills that they decided to go an extre 20K to Hartland, home of world's longest covered bridge. We followed Hwy 105 up and down and around turns, across bridges, got chased by dogs, to McCainville, oops, I mean Florenceville. And I thought they only grew potatoes in PEI. Whoa, was I wrong. This is potato country - fields are full of them, every restaurant meal comes with them, they even make jewellery like potatoes.
The day ended with a spectacular rainbow as the showers had settled in for the evening. They say that a red sun at night is a sailor's delight. I wonder what a rainbow will bring?

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