Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trois Rivieres to Quebec

Aug 1

Today our stalwart guides through Quebec; Robert,Simon,Luc,and Samuel,plus Martine,Andre,and Eric were joined by 8 additional riders for day. The riders who have accompanied us throughout Quebec are enthusiastic and experienced and have supported The Ride in large numbers. The routes that Robert has suggested have been scenic and quiet and in many places there has been a dedicated bike lane. Are you listening Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan?

This morning in Trois Rivieres, Nicole arranged a police escort out of the city for the large group of riders and the RV. I only felt uncomfortable for about 30 seconds running all those red lights on purpose.

The day was hot and sunny (is summer finally here?)and our destination for the day was St. Augustin Desmaures, just outside Quebec City. Good thing we had cases of Gatorade on hand. The route took us along the shore of the St Lawrence River providing beautiful vistas with every turn in the road. We got a sense of the history of the area as we passed through many small towns and villages. The riders easily managed a series of ever larger hills marking the final portion of the 100 km plus route near Donnacona. Today Lindsay had a personal best and despite the heat she logged 63km.on her mountain bike.

The highlight of the day was a surprise stop at Simon's family's farm near Neuville. The riders gathered in the shade for a treat of the freshest strawberry shortcake made by Simon's mother. How's that for extreme sport nutrition? Beats protein bars and whey powder all to heck. I was also able to pick up some farm fresh veggies for our dinner later. While we were there another motorist stopped to make a donation in memory of his daughter. It was very moving.

We rode into the parking lot in Ste Augustin to find an enthusiastic crowd of family members and volunteers, a fundraising BBQ and raffle.

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