Thursday, August 20, 2009

Truro to Waverley

August 19

Today began as quite the family affair - well, almost, we all miss D and wish she was here, but we know she is doing important things too. After breakfast and a smoothie at the campsite, the bikes were readied for the day's ride. It was a bit of a logistical challenge, though, as for the next few days we have 5 riders, 4 bikes and 2 vehicles. Problem solved - Caity and Tom will be a tag team sharing a bike and the driving. We were up and on the road relatively early as we were expected to meet up with some riders at a point just outside Dartmouth. We didn't want to keep them waiting. Together we would ride the 15 km into the Xerox office in Dartmouth.

The ride itself was quite pleasant on quiet Highway 2 but it was hot. I guess it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. After what seemed like months of cold, rainy weather, oh wait, it was months of cold, rainy weather, we thought we would welcome some hot stuff. Hot is OK by the beach in Cavendish, but when you’re riding 100 kms or so on steamy asphalt, there’s such a thing as too hot. Mel and the other riders have frequent stops and go through buckets of Gatorade and water to keep hydrated.
Special thanks to Steve at Xerox who replaced the screen on the laptop.


  1. Have you gained or lost any weight during those months of cycling?

  2. Will you be writing a book about your incredible journey?