Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ferry to Newfoundland

August 27

We made it to the Rock. And the sun came out as we approached the dock. And the fog burned off. And the winds calmed down. And the waves subsided. Yup, that means it was windy and wavey for the ferry crossing, all 14 hours of it. But I made it - didn't feel a thing! And I didn't have to lose conciousness to do it. You'll notice one of the photos taken on the ferry is a little blurry - from the motion - but I'm smiling. Can't really tell you what product worked best, but the combination sure worked. Patch, bracelets, crackers and gingerale, it was all good.

We didn't sleep much, sitting up on the ferry all night, so we decided to rest in the campground at Argentia this afternoon. It's a big campground, on a rocky hill, not very busy at all. Later in the afternoon an occupant of one of the two other campers here came over for a chat. She told us she had been married to the old lug for 52 years. And before they were married she trained as a psychiatric nurse, but she found it really stressful and eventually went into another field. I wonder how much has changed since she left psychiatric nursing so long ago? I guess you could say some things have changed. One thing that has probably not changed enough, if at all, are people's attitudes around mental illness.

Only two more riding days to go. Seems a bit hard to believe that the cross country ride we began three and a half months ago is almost finished. What will we do now? . . . .

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