Sunday, July 12, 2009

Espanola and Goodbye

July 11/12
We have been fortunate to have been joined by many good friends and great riders so far and each and every one is appreciated – Mel usually makes them draft for him (block the wind). These past 5 days Mels’ two brothers Rob and Bill have joined the party. It’s been a pile of fun. One can only imagine what they were like growing up.
Our last day was terrific. Sunny, warm and windy – a tail wind. Another day over 100for brother Rob and record time – averaging 28.9 km* (note the asterisk – wind assisted time)
This part of northern Ontario is not as isolated as you might think. It’s true, the towns are small but they are plentiful and close together. Lots of cottage areas and resorts. And, on the weekend anyway, lots of traffic. The riders had to be alert yet relaxed when the long line of trucks and cars passed.
Bill and I had many discussions while waiting for the riders. He is a former teacher and principal and has a special insight into the problems mental illness presents for families and kids. He has seen young kids confused and scared when a parent is hospitalized - being shuffled to a relative's and no one able to explain. He has seen troubled kids whose disruptive behaviour is really a plea for help.
Greater knowledge of mental illness could help teachers identify the signs and symptoms in children and adolescents could make all the difference for early treatment and positive outcomes.
With four days of riding logged in the computer it was time to relax before Rob and Bill had to leave. We enjoyed another great bbq dinner at the campground and later we were treated to an amazing sky full of stars.

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