Sunday, July 5, 2009

White River to Wawa

July 5
Today was our last day with Al. The four days went too quickly. Can't believe he has only been riding for 3 months because he was a tower of strength - pulling Mel along for four long rides over a very tough and challenging route.
Today seemed like an easy ride - it was the shortest at only 96km - with, for the most part, a tailwind. The last few Kms each day, it seemed, were always into the wind. The challenge was to outrace the weather front coming in - to finish
the ride before the rains. And we were successful - beat the rain with enough time to tour Wawa and McKinley Street before saying goodbye to Al.

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  1. Greetings,

    I have wanted to meet you for some time. You have shared so many adventures with Alan. This last one in the part of the country I grew up in. The first time Frank (alan's dad) came to visit me there was NO road. We picked him up at the train station In White River almost 50 Years ago. I have been following your trip from the begining and admire you all greatly. I do hope we can meet sometime soon after you recover from your trip? The best of luck on the rest of your trip. Maggie (Alan's mom)

    I know Alan has enjoyed your friendship, and the opportunity to share this with you as well.