Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Espanola to Tobermory

July 13/14

After the rest day - no rain and no Rob and Bill, it was a long trek for Mel across Manitoulin Island. Lindsay usually helps out and rides with Mel each day for about 20 or 30 km. Highway 6, which is fairly hilly, snakes it's way across Manitoulin Island and in turn runs south, east, west and even at times north west. Pretty hard to totally avoid a headwind. Today it almost seemed like the wind followed the same highway we were on. Needless to say it was slow going. Mel and Lindsay soldiered on and we made it to South Baymouth by late afternoon.
We decided to take the ferry across to Tobermory then instead of waitingg til the morning. We were to meet two riders in the morning and it wouldn't do to miss the boat.
Loading the RV onto the ferry was OK - pretty narrow, but we made it. Exiting the ferry was another story and I crashed into the ferry doing enough damage that we couldn't drive the vehicle. That would have been a good time to miss the boat.
So now what? Long story short, we got lots of help to get through this little, uh, set back. Sheila, an employee of Owen Sound Transport that operates the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry was both sympathetic and helpful. Greg at Toronto Motor Home Travel Canada was totally understanding. We were to sit tight and they would come up from Bolton in the morning. We had a fitful night. What if we couldn't drive the RV? Would I have to ride a bike too? Looks like we"re going to miss a day of riding. Can we make it up? What will become of the big event in Toronto if we're still here?
Next morning we waited anxiously for Greg to arrive. Infact Greg brought his wife and crew, Amy, and in an entertaining fashion they got us all patched up and ship shape. We were back on course and Mel was able to resume the ride. We got underway around 4:30 and in record time sailed into Wiarton.
Another storm weathered. Only two more days til we're home for a bit. Can't wait to see everyone. Don't look too closely at the RV.

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