Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thompson Brothers on Lake Superior 2

July 8
It's a convoy - the two big RV's motoring down the highway. Ten four, Big Buddy. Over and off. We're lookin' out for Smokey. Really we're just looking out for a good cup of coffee. Oh yeah, and the riders. Often Bill and I are too busy talking to notice they have arrived.
The RV continues to be a curiosity wherever we go. In the campgrounds it never fails. People on their way to the lake, or the showers, or just to peer always slow up and read every word, often stopping to ask questions about The Ride. We get many honks and waves from cars, trucks and motorcycles on the road too. I had a brief conversation with bright a young woman today and she agreed there is not enough being done to promote awareness of mental illness. Well, it is starting with us - with all of you; blog followers, supporters, sponsors, friends.
It is particularly important to reach young people - high school,young adults even junior high school. Mental health issues often begin in this age group at a time when kids are exercising independence from the family and just striving to fit in amongst their peers. Nobody wants to be different or at the least to appear different. The symptoms of mental illness can be scary and when you're trying to be independent from parents and not willing to share different feelings with friends it can be dangerous. Early treatment means a better outcome.
Ho hum, we are seeing the Same Spectacular Superior Scenery - and today it was actually sunny. Puts everything in a whole new light. Blue skies, blue lake, crystal clear water. You find yourself anticipating at every bend in the road that a new vista will open up. And it is amazing.
We continue to scan for any more glimpses of exciting wildlife but to no avail. Although these last two campgrounds are overrun with little chippies. That counts, right?

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  1. Lindsay you are my hero. Thelma and I think of you often and are so honoured that we know you.
    love Lynda