Thursday, July 2, 2009

Terrace Bay to White River

July 4

We bid good bye and Happy 4th of July to our hosts Dennis and Patti at the Coach House Motel. But before we hit the road Mel needed a little oxygen - in his tires.
The first part of the highway was a pretty steep hill. Actually it was a series of pretty steep and seemingly never ending hills for about 50 kms. And then there was construction. Could it get any better? Well, actually it did. The hills calmed down somewhat after Marathon and the wind was more or less a tailwind. Lindsay joined Mel and Al on the road today and picked just about the hardest section. It was almost all hills.

Total kilometers today - 119. That makes three long rides in a row. The 100 km or so tomorrow will be easy.

Highlights of the day included some more spectacular scenery. On a sunny, cloudless day looking out over the inviting blue of the lake, it's hard to believe the ugly reputation of Lake Superior. But we had Al's rendition at breakfast of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald replaying over and over in our heads all day.

At one point in the day I had to bring the RV to a screeching halt. Lindsay yelled
Well, I can't see it, I'm driving. But sure enough there was a bear and her cub, playing on the railway tracks.

I guess it's fitting that we are spending the night in White River - home of the original Winnie the Pooh. (look it up)

By the way everyone, thanks for all the encouraging and supportive emails and comments on the blog. It's very motivating and much appreciated.

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  1. Wow - reminds me of my summers in northern mining towns when I would ride my bike and see all the wild flowers.
    Jacoline Loewen