Thursday, July 2, 2009

T Bay to Nipigon

July 2
At the foot of the Terry Fox Memorial, high atop the the hill overlooking the city of Thunder Bay we began today's ride. Even at 9:30 in the morning there were a steady stream of people coming to see the monument. It's a fitting place to begin the second half of our journey.

It also marks Al's first day with us - he completed the 104 km easily - not bad at all. In fact he looked pretty good out there on the road. Hardest part is getting off the bike - those toe clips are tricky.

Small issues with bikes seem to plague us lately. Al had a problem with gears that wouldn't shift properly. Makes climbing those hills just a bit harder. So we were directed to Mike Elliott of Epic Adventures in Nipigon who did a little tweaking of the gears for Al and we're good to go.

Harry, look who we found! Filipe and Nelson, our Brazilian friends. We first ran into them near Revelstoke. Similar to us, they are cycling across Canada to raise money. Their goal is to be the first Brazilians to cycle across Canada. They are fundraising for the Rotary Club in Brazil in support of various projects sponsored by the Rotary Club. They left Victoria in May and plan to be in St. John's by September 15. Unlike us they do not have a stellar support team and support vehicle. They pack all their belongings with them. Check out their website at A pretty amazing pair. Just goes to show there are smart, strong and dedicated people in every language. Best of luck, guys. Hope we run into you again further down the road .

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