Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wiarton to Shelburne

July 15
I don't know how Mel made it to Wiarton yesterday, It was such a late start, a tough ride and we had been through alot of stress. At the end of the ride all we wanted to do was get dinner and get to bed. Uh, but I couldn't find the campground. Talk about stress, I had to produce, and fast. Luckily a campground just appeared before us. I went in... "Do you have any campsites available for tonight?"
"We're really a seasonal facility and we don't rent for a single night"
"But, we do have one spot. . ."
Turned out to be a nice relaxing night.
Unfortunately the day before, the day of troubles, we were not able to ride from Wiarton to Shelburne as planned.Yesterday was the No Ride Ride for riders Al and Dave. Sorry about that. Today, however,we were to meet a rider at the coffee shop in Wiarton and today was a better day, things were working out. Phil was there right on time with his transportation coutesy of Kim and Baxter. Lindsay and I saw the riders off on their way, chatted with Kim for a bit then headed back inside for a little something.
It was a long and windy ride - and we knew it was windy because there must have been about a hundred wind turbines along the way, and they were moving. Hmmm,I wonder if you hook one of those up to the back of a bike . . .
Phil was a strong and experienced rider and knew the area better than we did. He was able to show us the quiet, scenic route. Nice to get away fom the traffic.
After the ride of 124 kms we said goodbye to Phil in the parking lot of Pete's Donuts. We were off to look for the campground (Primrose Campground) and Phil, he was riding home to Collingwood. That's right, riding his bike - that's another 65 kms. Way to go Phil! Thanks for a great day. And good luck in yor riding event in August.
I don't need to tell you what tomorrow is. We're going home. We've got 6 riders joining Mel and Lindsay and they will be heading for the Richmond Hill Curling Club.
It's by far the best way to spend a winter - a pretty darn good place to be on a Monday evening. And it's going to be a great place to be tomorrow afternoon too.
And the best place to be for lunch on Friday will be Triniy Square in the Distillery district. C'mon out from 12 to 2 and see what this Ride is all about.

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  1. Best of luck on the next 3000km. What a great event you had today at the Distillery district, and what great speeches by you, Lindsay, David Goldbloom and Councillor Feldman.
    You really are bringing mental health out of the shadows and into the light. Our board president Mary Jo Smith was at the event and we agreed that CMHA Toronto would like to present you and Xerox a public service award at our agm on November 4th. Hope you will be able to join us. great meeting you and your family.
    Steve Lurie
    Executive Director CMHA Toronto Branch