Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hawkesbury to Ste. Therese, Montreal

July 30

The morning looked gray and overcast - not a good sign, but the sun came out during breakfast and we were having summer with our eggs.

We met our new riders- Alexandre, Samuel, Mathieu and Robert plus Luc and Simon, n the Ontario side of the Confederation Bridge and Robert lead us into Quebec.
It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm with a tail wind. Robert took us on a quiet road that closely followed the St. Lawrence, through the country past farms and villages. The fields and forests were green and the gardens were bursting with colours. Robert's route lead us all directly to his beautiful backyard where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon around the pool.

At one of the stops, as were were packing up after the riders had gone a woman walked over to the RV. " Qu'est-ce qu c'est?" she asked. "Nous sommes roulons pour la sante mentale" I replied, pretty pleased with myself. "Oh, you speak english." was her reaction. "Ah, yeah." She then shared that her son has schizophrenia. Sometimes it has been hard for them, for him. She inquired about how to make a donation so I explained about the website and online donating or that she can mail in a donation if she would rather. I told her she could identify an agency or program of her choice and the donation would be forwarded to them. She was very pleased to hear that she could support The Ride for Mental Health and her donation would be directed where she wanted it.

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