Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ottawa to Hawkesbury

July 29

We got back from Tuesday Night Races in Lachine to our Chateau late last night only to find no parking spots in the oversize lot. Staff at the hotel came up with a unique solution for us. On street parking is allowed for tour busses and the manager wrote us up a bus pass. Morning commuters were a little ticked but stoically went around without honking.

Pat plotted a perfect plan for us - the route went out along Sussex Drive, along the river and onto country roads. The first step in the route however, was actually about 15 steps. It was a relaxing day for me because I just had to follow Trevor, but maybe not so relaxing for the riders as they could see the dark and threatening clouds gathering behind us. Could they outrun the approaching storm?Apparently not. And it came down in buckets, causing minor local flooding.

Traffic was understandably light, as most people did not venture out in the pelting rain. But our dauntless riders, determined to finish the day, pressed on through newly formed lakes and rivers.

At one point Simon turned abruptly and doubled back, reacting to the sound of two little girls wailing in the rain. They had been caught in the downpour and couldn't get home. Simon rode over to the girls' home and alerted their parents. Crisis averted. Wouldn't it be nice if cries of help by persons living with mental illness could be met with this kind of sympathy and supportand willingness to help.

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