Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22

Well it wasn't that hard, to get back on the road, I mean. The hard part was getting back on the road so early. What with the traffic and stop lights and garbage strike issues and all, we decided to invoke the city limits rule. So we agreed to meet all our riders in the east end of the city at, of course, a curling club. We had to get up earlier than usual to get out to the club.

For the next few days we will be a pack of riders. Mel and Lindsay as usual, plus Ben, John Fray and Mike Majeski. George Abate would ride with us til Oshawa and another rider, Chris Tipton, due to bike troubles, would join up with us along the route later in the day.

Despite the heavy traffic in some places and construction in other places, this section of Highway 2 is quite nice. You get a little bit of everything; city, country, small towns, lake views. And you meet some pretty nice people. Take Lesley for instance. She and Orca came out to cheer on the riders through lovely downtown Courtice. And Todd and his staff at the Comfort Inn in Cobourg were helpful in directing us to a bike shop for some repairs to John's bike. And Dave at Sommerville Sports in Cobourg made the repairs to John's bike to quickly get us rolling again. And the fellow who stopped us in the parking lot to inquire about The Ride and wish us well.

We appreciate all the help and encouragement we are getting. Makes the day a little easier. Probably someone you know is recovering from a mental illnes and would appreciate a call or a note or a visit.

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