Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thompson Brothers on Lake Superior 1

July 7
Yesterday was a rest day so of course that meant rain. It also meant errands and laundry. And, best of all, we were to meet up with Bill and Rob.
Mel's brothers, drove up from the Toronto area in Rob's RV to accompany Mel on the road for the next five days. Our meeting point was the Wawa RV Resort and Campground where we all received a warm welcome by Rennee and generous support for The Ride.
Lindsay and I are pleased to welcome a new member to the Support Team. I think Bill will work out allright - no sooner did we have the riders on the road then we headed back into town for some gas and coffee - mainly coffee.
The riders, Mel and Rob and Lindsay attacked the hills and Mel and Rob did an excellent job covering the total distance for the day. In fact they over acheived and overshot the campground. We had to go find them.
The weather continues to be, well, not so good. Certainly not summer like, but it didn't rain today. Of course not, it wasn't a rest day. The beauty of the landscape is not bothered by cruddy weather. At the recommendation of our friends in Thunder Bay we stopped in at two picnic areas in Lake Superior Provincial Park - Old Woman Bay and Katherine Cove and I'm glad we did. It was well worth it. We also saw Dad, Mom and Baby Lakes. Granted, the names are not that creative but it's a cute concept. More cute; Rabbit Blanket Lake. Some of the other names not so cute, not so appealing; Leach Island and it's kin Lizard Island. Tomorrow we aim for Pancake Bay, so named I am told, because it is the spot where the voyageurs or couriers du bois on their way back to Sault Ste Marie after a season hunting would stop and finish off their provisions. There you go, a little tidbit of info just in case it comes up in your next Canadian trivia contest.
We finished off our day at beautiful Agawa Bay Campground on the shores of Gitchigoomi.It sure is one imposing lake.

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