Monday, June 15, 2009

Abernethy to Esterhazy

Monday June 15

As we passed Abernethy we noticed a sign on the road leading into town. What caught our eye was the name on the sign. Thompson. We were hooked. Apparently Abernethy is the home of Len Thompson, designer and originator of a famous line of fishing lures. Those of you amongst the fishy set will be familiar with the "five of diamonds" spoon.
After that shiny tidbit of inspiration Lindsay and I left Mel to pedal on and we went off to explore another highlight of the area: The Motherwell Homestead; a national historic site honouring William Motherwell who came to Saskatchewan in the late 1800's and and had a significant influence on the development of scientific agriculture in Western Canada. He went on to become provincial and federal Ministers of Agriculture.
We finally caught up to Mel in the small town of Neudorf. As he was replenishing his Gatorade a fellow came down the main street and introduced himself to us as the Mayor. "I'm Murray" he said. He inquired about The Ride and when we explained he said "That's good. We support the mental health association here. If we knew you were coming we could have put something together for you."
Next time we do a ride like this we will have to plan ahead better.
"Uh, next time?" asked Mel.

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