Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ride into Thunder Bay

June 29

The ride into Thunder Bay today was wet, but not as wet as yesterday. Lindsay rode with Mel during a period that wasn't raining and we took a break at Kakabeka Falls. When we got into town we had To Do list for our PR manager/go to guy -an old friend and colleague at Xerox Ken Gravelle. He even made an appointment with his barber for Mel to get a haircut. We had another issue - Mel's bike needed new tires - remember Manitoba? and a tune up. Ken directed us to Cyclepath where owner Peter Tofinetti looked after us. Apparently when Mel had his little run in with the Texas gate back in Lake Louise he damaged some doohicky that connected to some other thingy and after another 1500 kms or so on the road it wasn't working right. No problem for the mechanics at Cyclepath - they diagnosed it, repaired it and now it's good for 10,000 kms of abuse on the road.

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