Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fort Frances and Taylors Cove


June 25

A roller coaster of a day starting with a kind lady enquiring about our RV and The Ride at the Parkside Campground near Nestor Falls. She took it all in, went back to her campsite and returned with her personal contribution.
Mel replaced a rear tire (all by himself), the 3rd of the Ride - had to. Remember the very rough road conditions in Manitoba?
When we hit the road we were blessed with favourable winds. We reached Fort Frances in record time. After picking up a few groceries we went for a coffee and a short rest. Apparently we drove in the exit and gave the locals in Tim's something to talk about. Blissful, we climbed out of the RV and were met by a fellow walking toward the RV. "Is Mel in there?" he asked. Turned out to be Ernie Crinkler, the Xerox Service Agent in Fort Frances. We had a great time reminiscing with Ernie. He told some amazing stories. "Working for Xerox teaches people how to have a heart."
Don't we know it. The Ride for Mental Health has only come together with the help and support of individuals at Xerox.
Break over, we still had a couple of hours to ride today. We were headed for Taylor's Cove about 35 km east of Fort Frances. Yet another flat tire slowed us down briefly as Mel changed over to the back-up bike and on we went to find the campground.
A sign for Taylor's Road sent us down a very narrow dirt road wondering what we would find and worrying about being able to turn around. At the end of the road, after passing the sign "Slow. Grandchildren Playing", we found a little bit of paradise. We got out of the Rv and looked around. Boats were tied up at the dock, and several cottages were perched out on the point and on the hill overlooking the docks. As a man approached us Mel said "This isn't a campground is it?" We met Ed Taylor who after explaining he doesn't run a campground and our explaining the Ride For Mental Health, showed us to a beautiful private campsite complete with our own beach and hook-up. Mel and Lindsay were swimming within minutes and we enjoyed the perfect evening together lakeside.
If you are ever in the Fort Frances area looking for wonderful hospitality, a breath-taking property, and great fishing, look up Taylor's Cove - Marina and Cabins. Come discover Ed Taylor's paradise on Rainy Lake.

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