Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Xerox Charity Golf Tournament

Wednesday June 10
As Day 23 of The Ride continued and we made our way slowly across Sasakatchewan to Kenaston, our thoughts were seldom far from the Xerox Charity Golf Tournament taking place today in Toronto at Angus Glen. This is the 15th year Jim Doherty and Jane Doherty with regular involvement from their children have successfully run the Xerox Golf Tournamnet. It's a family affair and a first-rate charity event; numerous charities have benefited over the years. We are honoured that The Ride For Mental Health is one of the beneficiaries this year. Jim has been a tireless ambassador for the Ride For Mental Health. He was our earliest supporter. His vision and drive took the idea of a charity bike ride from the kitchen table to a national campaign. He is truly an agent of support and the success of today's golf tournament is just another indicator.
Today our son Ben and our daughter Caitlin attended the dinner after the Golf, and Ben had an opportunity to talk about our family experience and why we are doing the Ride across Canada. He struck a chord with the audience because our story is real and one that thousands of other families are also experiencing. Outstanding feedback on Ben's comments started coming in immediately. Mental health awareness is growing every time we are able to speak with people and the reaction has been universally positive.
Tomorrow we have an early start as we head towards Chamberlain and the following day to Regina. We are bouyed by the tremendous support we received today. Our focus is strengthened. With the help of our friends we will continue to build mental health awareness. We will reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness. And we will raise dollars along the way to support community programs for those experiencing mental illness.
Thanks again to Jim and Jane Doherty for another successful Xerox Charity Golf Tournament.


  1. Keep going Lindsay, Carol and Mel - it looks lonely there with those long roads ahead and behind, especially in wind and rain; but we are all behind you!! Love to read your stories and updates. You are making such a difference every day. Take care. Sharon B.

  2. Mel, Carol and Lindsay, you would have been proud of Ben yesterday when he spoke so passionately about your ride for mental health. He is a fabulous ambassador for mental health as well as a terrfic ambassador for your family. I hope the winds are with you Mel on this, the lonely part of your ride.

  3. Sean Slater-Ceridian CanadaJune 12, 2009 at 1:39 AM

    Mel...Congratulations on your success so far. I was at the Xerox Golf Tournament yesterday and Ben did such a fantastic job. He was funny and passionate. Everyone at Ceridian is behind you, and we wish a strong wind at your back and smooth roads ahead.

  4. Hello, I just heard about your journey on CBC this morning. I want to congratulate you on your courage, and stamina. More people must come forward to discuss their mental illness. I had depression for years, now that I am well, I have the last 2 years found forums in which to speak and write aboiut my mental illness, its impact on my life, and my recovery. I have combined my experience as a lawyer with my experience with depression.
    I wish you well!!

    Keith Anderson, LL.B., LL.M.

  5. Hi, I sent a note in earlier. I forgot to offer any help I can provide. I live in Nova Scotia. My email address is


    Keith Anderson