Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kindersley to Milden, Sask

Tuesday June 9
Whew, big day. 122 kms from Kindersley, Saskatchewan to Milden. It was sunny for most of the ride and you guessed it, rained for the rest. But, the wind was not a headwind, was not much of a wind at all so that was a big bonus for Mel. Out here in Saskatchewan there's no need to check an official weather forecast. If you look out the window you can see the weather coming for days before it gets here.
Rest day in Kindersley yesterday was a bit of a snooze but that's what we needed. It poured all day (and was really cold) so we couldn't take advantage of the 9 hole golf course across the street. The big highlight was going into to town for lunch at Tim's. From one on every corner and gas station in Toronto to, let me count, almost none out here ... I think there might be some franchising opportunities. Occasionally we see a big Tim's transport whiz by us on the highway- I feel like doing a u ie.
This morning as we packed up our campsite amidst the puddles, a bright eyed woman on her morning walk stopped to talk. She said she is from Calgary and her name is Rose. So I said " Are you Wild Rose from Alberta?" She might have been back in her day, but today she said " No, I'm just nosey. What's this ride all about?" We thanked her for her interest and explained what we were up to.
Nosey ... awareness... it all works.
Later in the day the two young woman in the Tourist Office in Rosetown remarked on our highly visible RV. "Cool" was their reaction when we gave them some brochures for the counter.


  1. Great to read your daily messages Mel! I hope the weather (and wind) will be better for the coming days.

    Jean-Francois L'Heureux
    Xerox (Toronto)

  2. Matthew Macknak, Xerox (Regina)June 10, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    Hey Mel, Welcome to the prairies! Look forward to seeing you reach Regina this weekend. Hang in there through today (Wed), supposed to be some nice weather rolling in tomorrow and for the next 4-5 days. Hopefully it will chase away the rain clouds. Unfortuately, no promises about the wind other than it will probably be blowing...with any luck it will be a tail wind.

  3. Hi Mel:

    Just had lunch with Bob and he alerted me to your project. Amazing! Keep it going and we'll see you when you get to Toronto.

    Bob Weeks