Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drumheller - Hoodoo country

Thursday June 4

Today, for the first time on The Ride, Mel is riding on his own. What a difference. There is no one to talk to, joke with, admire the sights with, point out pot holes, urge you on. This is where the mental toughness kicks in. Lindsay volunteered to be Mel's riding partner for a while today. And what a great job she did.
With mountains shrinking behind us, the grassland stretches on forever. Land of the big sky. And the big wind, head wind. The only hills go down and then up in this landscape – coulees - wide, eroded river valleys. Some are very striking to look at. Exposed layers of sediment - some in different colours, eroded over eons result in some beautiful geographic formations. Lindsay and I had an opportunity to view some hoodoos up close.
We were at a pull-over when a truck driver stopped to check his brakes before descending into the valley where Drumheller is located. He came over to ask about the striking design on the RV which was created by Twist. "I drive these roads a lot and I know you have seen some beautiful country." he remarked. We agreed. "That has to be good for your mental health" he observed. And he's right. It's important to good mental health to maintain a balance, to engage in enjoyable activities, to allow yourself to appreciate things in the moment.

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