Saturday, June 13, 2009

Regina and out to the Fort

Friday June 12, Saturday June 13, and Sunday June 14

No sooner had we pulled into the parking lot of the Sandman Hotel in Regina then there was a knock at the door of the RV. I don't think the keys where out of the ignition yet. It was the first of the greeters from Xerox. The action was fast and furious from that point. Next came a phone call from Alicia at Global TV who had been alerted by a Xerox representative that The Ride for Mental Health was in town. Mel just had time for a quick shower and freshen up before she arrived for an interview. And yes, it was on the 6pm and the 11pm news. Another representative from the Xerox welcoming committee arrived in the parking lot as the interview was taking place. We later met five others from the Xerox Regina office for dinner and another batch for breakfast at Denny's. We were given lots of advice on sightseeing in Regina, and the state of the roads. So, we headed out to do the tourist thing - saw the RCMP Heritage Centre - highly recommended. We also enjoyed a leisurely stroll around beautiful Lake Wascana and saw the impressive Provincial Legislative building.
Sunday morning and it was time to move on to Abernethy, 105 km down the road and Mel would have company. When we pulled into the Xerox office where we had arranged to meet Matt and Nancy,Matt already had his bike out and ready. Matt is an experienced marathoner but on a road bike, not so much. Didn't take him long though, and he was able to complete the distance. "Might have to work standing up tomorrow" he said.
We enjoyed a great dinner with Matt, Nancy their daughter and granddaughter and then we had a tour of the lakes in the Qu'Appelle Valley. Beautiful country and great people.

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  1. Hi Mel, Carol and Lindsay.

    I have been following your journey with great interest and want to thank you for sharing your personal experience and dedication to this cause through this amazing family journey.
    I wish you all the best with this endeavour and thanks for having the courage to share your family's very personal experience to help raise awareness.