Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Friday May 29

Thankfully for the riders it was a relatively short distance (57 km) to Field, B.C. What a gem in the Rockies. Population 250, in the summer it swells to maybe 275. Fifity years ago, according to to the owner of the grocery store, the liquour store and one of the only two restaurants in town, Field was huge - population 700.
We stayed in a lovely suite in the home of one of the residents of Field - . The view from the picture window was unbelievable - mountains in every direction and the Kicking Horse River at the foot. Shortly after arriving, Lindsay and I were looking out the window and a small group of young people walked by. One of the kids looked up at us and waved. Really friendly town we thought. About an hour or so later Lindsay and I were walking about with our cameras when we pass the same group. Same young man waves across the street and says "Hi Lindsay". A little puzzled, we thought word sure gets around. He could see we were curious so he explained " You came to my class today in Golden".
It was good to know we were able to make an impression.

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