Sunday, June 28, 2009

Atikokan to Shabandowan

June 28
I don't know how Mel does it he remains positive even when things look really, well, crappy. The weather forecast looks bleak for days to come. We are travelling through bush - miles and miles and even kilometers and kilometers of bush, northern Ontario bush, full of black flies, mosquitoes and ticks. And it's raining, hard. It's beautiful mind you, wildflowers on the side of the road, countlessless lakes and beautiful forests. Did I mention it was wet?
Yesterday's rest day was only nice because it was a rest day. The weather was wet and windy. Today was still wet but it was windy too. It was only nice because it was - a tail wind with gusts up to 30 km/hr.
Lindsay and I had pulled over at a pulp check station. Not sure why it's called "pulp" because the trucks are carrying a huge load of logs. Anyhow, I'm glad they get checked. So we were pulled over, intently waiting for Mel, well, napping if you must know. A knock on the window roused us. "Are you raising money for this?" We had failed to notice another vehicle pulled over here too. "We want to contribute." Bernadette and her husband were on their way back to Atikokan and noticed our RV. We had a friendly but short chat - after all it was raining. When Mel rode up Bernadette's husband came back from their truck. "You need a doughnut, they're fresh." You should have seen Mel's eyes. A donation and a doughnut. The day is looking up.
No sooner had we said our goodbyes and seen them off but another vehicle stopped. The driver came over "Do you need any help? We saw you pulled over and just want to be sure you're all right." We explained to Shaun and Marg what we were all about and they replied with a contibution on the spot. This is a great country and wonderful people.

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