Thursday, June 18, 2009

Minnedosa Beach, Manitoba

June 17

Another long day for Mel - 100 K into the wind. One thing we know for sure about the prairies is the wind. It never stops. And it's darn hard to pedal into a head wind.
Another thing we know about the prairies is that although it's pretty flat there are some surprises - and there's no warning. There you are looking out at the flat landscape, wishing for a little variation and then all of a sudden you're going down a big hill into a river valley. Can't see it coming.
Today Mel's hard work was rewarded with an amazing hill down into the town of Minnedosa, "the valley paradise" as it is known. Shortly after getting settled in the campground by the beach a car drove up. A young reporter from the Minnedosa Tribune was here for an interview. How's that for planning ahead to get media attention? Actually it wasn't our doing at all but an ad hoc PR team led by our friends Shay and Harlee and their various family members.
Interview over and along came Harlee's mom Dawn to welcome us to Minnedosa with a gift of tea from Chesterfields. We had a relaxing visit with Dawn and she told us about the bison compound just down the way, walking trails and other highlights of the area.
(By the way, Shay's mom was responsible for all the honks I received while driving in Saskatchewan. Well, not Linda herself, but she did post details of The Ride on a Saskatchewan website and I just know all the honking and waving in my direction was from the readers.)

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