Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sunday May 31
Carol has spent hours downloading pictures and updating the blog, and the comments from our followers have been wonderful and inspiring as we pedalled through the mountains. I thought I would give her a break and do this one myself. Just as we had to say good bye to Tom and Gio and Mark in Kamloops after our first 5 days of the Ride, it was time to say good bye to Harry Erskine who pulled me along for the next 5 days from Kamloops, British Columbia to Canmore, Alberta. Harry and I go back many years having enjoyed mountain climbs in Africa and Mexico and a dog sledding excursion in Algonquin Park, not to mention a long standing business relationship. Having a chance to ride with him through the Rogers Pass and the Kicking Horse Pass in the Rockies was special for both of us. Harry's personal fund raising campaign for the Ride For Mental Health is the benchmark at this time. Hopefully with Harry setting the bar high, others will take up the challenge. Thanks Harry, your support means alot.
Although farewells are always a little emotional after a tough, physically challenging goal is achieved, I was looking forward to Monday when we would greet 8 enthusiastic riders in Canmore who would form the new Open Road team as would make our way to Calgary.
We weren't sure what to expect in terms of riding experience when everyone arrived in Canmore early on Monday morning. There were all forms of cycling attire - from Jeff's pink leotards to Thomas' knee length bright orange riding pants, to the 'Pro's' who were prepared for anything. After welcoming everyone, I stressed safety as the number one priority and after close to 6 hours of effort the whole team pulled in together to Eau Clair in Calgary and were greeted by an enthusiastic group of supporters from Xerox and the Canadian Mental Health Association. A great effort by the riders and a great effort by the organisers resulted in a great achievement by all.
I have been spoiled by the wonderful support along the way. To this point I had not ridden a single Kilometre without friends and supporters out in front pulling me along. It's been an amazing start to the Ride For Mental Health.

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