Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taylor's Cove to Atikokan / Quetico - Rest Day

June 26

The freshly re-surfaced road from Fort Frances to beyond Taylor's Cove to start the day's ride was like silk to ride on and refreshing after having to replace tires regularly over the past sections. Construction was near completion but not quite. Flag persons were situated along the route and were always friendly. One stop led to an exchange about the awsome surface compared to Manitoba roads. He said, "Don't get used to it. You have 3 more kilometres to go and you're back in Manitoba." Unfortunately he was right.
Fourth day in a row of 100 K plus distances and at 27 degrees. Hydration is crucial. Unlimited supply of Gatorade is vital to survival and staying strong.
we arrived at our goal in Atikokan,canoe capital,and did a little shopping and headed to our campsite down the way in Quetico Provincial Park
No sooner had we arrived and connected up when Dewain and Viki from north-eastern California approached us after sighting the RV in town. They told us about their background in Mental Health. Viki is involved with a consumer run organization that provides peer support programs in the community. They are funded by a tax on "millionaires" . Their quest this summer is to explore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. We might see them there.
Beautiful evening to begin our restday - Lindsay and Mel had a great swim. Looking forward to a quiet day exploring the provincial park.
Why is it the rest days always turn out to be rainy and cruddy? Oh well, makes it easy to rest.

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