Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kenaston and beyond.

Friday June 12

The other day at a gas station in Rosetown, while refuelling our RV with gas and our rider with non gas, we were approached by Don. He walked over to express his support. He knew the highways in the area and gave us the benefit of local knowledge. Yesterday we found the ride south on Highway 11 from Kenaston to be just the way Don said it would be - ever so slightly downhill. Add favourable winds to that and an overacheiver like Mel can make minced meat of the plan. He sailed past the scheduled stop at Chamberlain, blew by the next available stop at Findlater and motored on to Bethune. A quick check of the internet via our Bell Mobility wireless PC card revealed that the nearest campground was not actually on Hwy 11. It would require a short detour to Regina Beach.
Regina Beach turned out to be a real gem. Tucked away on the shore of Last Mountain Lake it is a haven of outdoor recreation. Lindsay braved the cold water and took a quick dip in the lake. Mel was brave up to his knees. I made the sacrifice to act as life guard and had to remain on shore.
When we registered at the Regina Beach Campground, the attendent Jamie would not accept payment. "You're doing this for charity, it's a good thing."
Today our destination was Regina - a much shorter ride than previously planned. After a leisurely morning routine we were unloading the bikes at the crossroads when a car stopped beside us. Out popped Brenda, " Hi, I'm a psych nurse and I saw your RV. I'm planning the local Canada Day Parade and I wondered if you would be in it."
Who doesn't like a parade, but as it turns out we actually already have plans for a Canada Day Parade.(Stay tuned)
Brenda was on her way to Story Time at the library with her 4 year old and 8 month old who peeked at us from the car. She went on to tell us she has worked as a psychiatric nurse for many years and knows full well the disabling effects of serious mental illness. She agreed that mental health issues deserve more focus - it deserves the attention of all of us and concentrated fundraising efforts to support people with mental illnesses. She currently works in geriatrics and points out that mental health issues such as demetia and alzheimers are related. As she reached into her purse to make a donation, a little voice said "Don't forget your helmet."

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