Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Calgary Event

Tuesday June 2

Blue and silver balloons bounced and swayed in the wind on the banks of the Bow River, Harmony the CMHA mascot dispensed hugs and waves and the smell of burgers on the BBQ greeted participants attending the Calgary Event. Our MC, Shay Code, none the worse for his injury, introduced Mel as he rode into the gathering in Bowness Park. Mel and Lindsay and I were honoured to be “white hated” by Marge Goodmanson of Tourism Calgary - a fifty year tradition of western hospitality that actually has, dare I say it?, a connection to a certain unmentionable city somewhere east of Winnipeg.
Both Mel and Lindsay spoke to an attentive crowd. Judy Martin, Executive Director of the CMHA in Calgary introduced Charlotte, the mother of a consumer survivor. Charlotte spoke eloquently and from the heart giving listeners an idea of the difficulties faced by family members dealing with the mental illness of a loved one. The formal part of the program culminated in a cheque presentation.
Karen Ho and her committee members led an amazing fundraising campaign that collected almost $20,000 in donations for the CMHA Calgary Branch. That deserves a big “Ya hoo!”


  1. Wow Mel, Lindsay and Carol,
    You are certainly taking the provinces by storm. I, like Sharon, am addicted to your updates. I am thinking of you daily and I am excited about the success you are having with your message.
    Lindsay, you are probably helping far more people than you will ever know.
    Diane Smalley

  2. Mel,

    Things look great for Team Thompson and many of us at HO are enjoying the updates on the blog. Darren P is wondering when you will be going through Regina and are you stopping overnight.

    Doug B

  3. Carol...I am so very impressed with your
    undertaking..all the best of luck and good
    luck to your husband and daughter in finishing
    the ride...

    vicki marianchuk

  4. Big kuddos to Lindsay for telling her story at Bowness Park in Calgary. It's sad that anyone falls victim to this mental illness where the cause and the cure are still unknown. What a brave gal - here's to you Lindsay!!! And kudos to Carol and Mel for this journey they've undertaken. And I don't just mean the bike ride.